We come to you! Should you require that we need to visit you in the following areas: Gauteng, KZN, Mozambique, Free State, Limpopo & Mpumalanga. 

We will do the following services: Services & repairs on outboard & inboard engines, alterations, repontooning on rubber ducks, upholstery, fittings & trimmings, outboard installations, FULL buoyancy & certificates (R150), COF Certificates (R550) & COF equipment, marine radios & Speakers, UHF/VHF radios, fish finders & GPS’s, ALL trailer repairs, wiring & maintenance.

We also offer a service of buying and selling new & used watercraft. (Also Engines & Quad Bikes).

We have an amazing network of more than 3 000 happy customers in over 10 years in business and would gladly assist you by selling your watercraft, engine or quad bike. Part of our unique service is too sell on your behalf.

We have a unique PC Programme system, which function is too fully diagnostic any fuel injected outboard motor and has the capacity to trace faults with a print out which we can give to you.

We suggest that prior to you purchasing any watercraft, engine or quad bike from another person, please let us do a thorough inspection on your behalf.

We will provide you with a full list of our specifications. Our opinion might assist you to avoid paying excessive too any of the above.

We are a registered Member of SEESA (Consumer Protection Services). We also assist by arranging Finance. Whatever your watercraft might need, we can provide for you!

We believe that we are your 1-Stop –Marine-Shop!

You may contact me for any requirements or info needed:

Jaco 0760458720 or at or have a look at our website for more info!





Engine rebuilds

COF Renewal and Buoyancy for all Watercraft

Mobile Marine Service has the knowledge and experience to be your one-stop boating shop, whether you want performance, upgrades, services or just new equipment installed, you can rely on us for the best advice and the best product. Talk to us, we kno

All Trailer Repairs & Maintenance.

Vehicle Services: We are also servicing all makes of vehicles at our premises.