We come to you! Should you require that we need to visit you in the following areas: Gauteng, KZN, Mozambique, Free State, Limpopo & Mpumalanga. 

Servicesing & repairs on outboard & inboard engines, alterations, repontooning on rubber ducks, upholstery, fittings & trimmings, outboard installations, FULL buoyancy & certificates, COF Certificates & COF equipment, marine radios & Speakers, UHF/VHF radios, fish finders & GPS’s, ALL trailer repairs, wiring & maintenance.

We also offer a service of buying and selling new & used watercraft.

MMS is extremely proud of our large customer base that we have build up over the past 10 years.

MMS is the only marine workshop in South Africa that has diagnostics equipment for all the outboard models in the market

We suggest that prior to you purchasing any watercraft, outboard motor or jetskipre-owned, contact MMS for a  thorough inspection to avoid buying a problem.

Please contact Lila on the following number for any assistance you may need.

Tel: 082 523 5703





COF Renewal and Buoyancy for all Watercraft

Mobile Marine Service has the knowledge and experience to be your one-stop boating shop, whether you want performance, upgrades, services or just new equipment installed, you can rely on us for the best advice and the best product. Talk to us, we kno

All Trailer Repairs & Maintenance.

VISIT OUR DUST FREE ENGINE REBUILD FACILITY - AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF. MMS are trained and qualified to repair and rebuilt any watercraft inboard, outboard or jet engines or gearbox.  Each engine undergo a watertest after the rebuild with the