• The Quotation will be deemed to be accepted upon payment of any amount in terms hereof and the client hereby authorize Mobile Marine Services to carry out all work listed at the client's expense as per above quotation.
  • The company may charge a quote rejection fee of up to 5% of the quoted price.
  • A deposit is payable before any work can commence & the outstanding balance to be paid upon delivery or collection.
  • Prices on parts are subject to change from date of quote to date of invoice due to price increases.
  • All invoices are payable immediately. 2% interest per month and 24% per annum will be charged on outstanding invoices.
  • All quotations are valid for seven (7) working days from date of quote.
  • A 10% handling fee will be charged on returned merchandise.
  • All parts fitted remains the property of Mobile Marine Services and no goods will be released until the full amount has been paid.
  • The warranty only covers specific repairs performed and new components supplied as per invoice. All parts, excluding electrical components & batteries, supplied by MMS are guaranteed for one (1) month from date of invoice. Parts NOT supplied by MMS carry NO guarantee.
  • Breakdown as a result of overheating is not covered at all.
  • New components in respect of which a warranty claim is logged shall at our choice, either be forwarded to the factory, cost prepaid, or be kept at a place to be determined by us for the purpose of examination by the factory representative. Failure to keep components as directed shall result in this warranty lapsing.
  • This warranty shall expire if the component/s repaired or supplied has been altered by a third party or by installing parts of other origin, and the cause of the damage is directly connected with such alteration, or engine power exceeds the design parameters of the component supplied by the company.
  • Should the watercraft / vehicle undergo any form of maintenance or repair by any other repairer besides Mobile Marine Services, this guarantee / warrantee will be deemed VOID.
  • The company should be advised immediately in the event of any complaint or malfunction.
  • Natural wear and tear is not covered by this warranty. Moreover, damage due to negligent, storage and/or transport is excluded from this warrantee.
  • The company shall not be liable in respect of breakdown as a result of:
    • Incorrect repairs, maintenance or use of equipment outside the manufacturers design specification;
    • Modifications and hardware that have not been approved by the manufacturer;
    • The use of fuel, oil or petroleum products in the engine’s fuel or lubrication system for which the engine and ancillary system are not designed or compatible;
    • Contamination by water, sand, mud or foreign bodies entering the mechanical or electrical system;
    • Cracks in or breakage of any component e.g. damage due to driver negligence, abuse, overloading, overheating, or metal fatigue, as well as in respect of cracks not revealed by an initial pressure test or during normal procedural tests;
    • It is the owner’s responsibility to have all risk related cover on the watercraft / vehicle left at the premises of MMS for the time parked to be sold or serviced.
    • If the owner agrees that his watercraft / vehicle can be tested to confirm the engine is at its ultimate performance, it is the owner's responsibility to have all risk related cover in place
    • Please note that all COF's are payable immediately.
    • Storage fee will be charged at R 250,00 per day if quotation is declined or watercraft / vehicle is not collected within seven (7) days after notification.
  • If the owner should require the old parts to be returned after completion of repairs or service, we could return components on collection or delivery or also dispose the used parts at the owner’s request. This is finalised in the Terms and Conditions section attached to your quote.


Dear Ticket Holders

Hope this mail finds you well.

Thank you very much for supporting  Mobile Marine Services during the Z-Craft 186 Deep Sea Raffle Competition!

It is with great sadness that we must inform everyone that due to lack of ticket sales MMS and the Sponsor of the boat has decided to cancel the competition with immediate effect

PLEASE WILL YOU EMAIL YOUR BANKING DETAILS TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS, nici@mobilemarineservices.co.za, AND YOUR TICKET/S FUNDS WILL BE REFUNDED TO  YOU IMMEDIATELY. (Please note we can only refund your money back to you on receipt of an email confirming your banking details)


We will be launching a new raffle competition in the beginning of the new year 2017, where all our loyal clients and supporters will be able to participate in.

Please note that you have the option to request your money back for the ticket/s purchased during this raffle or can keep the ticket/s for the next adventure with MMS. The tickets might be a little more affordable, where one ticket can multiply to two or more tickets. The new boat for the raffle in 2017 will be announced in January 2017.

We will be in contact with each and every one who participated in the competition

Our sincerest apologize for the inconvenience and thank you once again for the support.

Please contact Lila on 082 523 5703 if you have any questions pertaining to the above.